Nourishing Light

Healing * Wholeness * Harmony



Nourishing Light addresses the underlying causes of pain, both emotional and physical, whilst also tending the symptoms. Designed specifically for women, this dynamic approach empowers and heals, supporting the transformation of even the most difficult experiences into the basis for authenticity and peace. Life's challenges are acknowledged as more than obstacles that must be merely defeated or coped with: they are one of the most powerful means by which women can learn and grow.


How Nourishing Light can help you...


Nourishing Light provides women with straightforward yet highly effective techniques that mobilise and support their innate healing capacity. Typical issues include:



* chronic stress or overwhelm

* panic attacks, anxiety

* eating issues

* relationships (partners, family, children)

* childhood memories and trauma

* self-esteem and self-image

* bodily discontent

* life changes

* emotional instability and turbulence

* overcoming internal resistance to change

* support through medical treatment

* pregnancy

* extreme fatigue

* depression

* resolving the emotional causes of chronic physical illness




The Three Flames of Nourishing Light:


Healing Regenerating body, mind and spirit.


Wholeness Reconnecting body, mind and spirit.


Harmony Realigning body, mind and spirit.






My mind is open,

wherever I am,

I am simply beginning.


— Mary Burmeister

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