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Healing * Wholeness * Harmony

The reason I've set up Eating In Harmony® is because as someone who suffered from sugar-addiction, gym-obsession, othorexia, anorexia and bulimia, I know that with the right guidance and tools, things can change. Not only change, completely transform!


Through Eating In Harmony®, you'll find effective tools and self-help techniques that will empower you towards Recovery, Discovery and Freedom. There is also a wealth of essential information and inspiration to support you on your journey.


The first aim is Recovery from symptoms. These include: binging, purging, restriction, over-exercising, fear of weight, obsessive thinking about food, sugar addiction, feeling completely out of control and the seemingly endless battle with the body.


The second aim is Discovery. This means finding the enrichment and joy that comes from living a balanced and nourished life. An almost alchemical wonder arises when one is fully present and aware in the world. Many women find that when they start discovering their authentic Self, when they begin to express the uniqueness of what they really are, something happens. Their perception changes. They move within touching distance of a radiant delight that makes transformation not only desirable and possible, but virtually unstoppable.


Last, and certainly not least, comes Freedom. But Freedom from what? Ask yourself: are you, like so many women, ensnared in the myth that the measure of your worth and lovability is primarily the attractiveness of your body? How powerfully, and subtly, are you besieged by self-destructive thoughts and negating beliefs that undermine your self-esteem, confidence and creativity? Do those overwhelming emotions associated with bingeing and purging – such as shame, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and fear – keep you bound in a life of unfulfilled potential?



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